The Internet of Things

Do You Know What’s in Your Network? A Process-Driven Assessment of the Cybersecurity Risks that IoT Products and Services Present

The strong market for Internet of Things (IoT)-based products and services has resulted in a growing number of devices connected to the Internet. IoT applications are now being used not only in the home to monitor and control everyday appliances, but also for a variety of applications in the fields of industrial automation, healthcare, transportation and a host of other…

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ATIS Develops Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for IoT Applications and Services

WASHINGTON, DC — ATIS today announced release of a new report that provides the fundamentals needed to perform risk assessments for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and services. As the IoT accelerates, there is a growing need to protect all assets involved from attack and from maliciously being turned into a source of attack on other users. An Architectural Risk…

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ATIS Explores the Power of Artificial Intelligence in the Network

WASHINGTON  —  Advances in artificial intelligence are creating a burgeoning range of new network applications, and ATIS has launched an initiative designed to help service providers optimally leverage these technologies to create a more efficient network. As commonly defined, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the intelligence exhibited by machines or computational systems that perceive the environment and take actions to…

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Securing the Connected Vehicle

Securing the Connected Vehicle: Why a Collaborative Approach is Critical for Success

Connected vehicles have the potential to deliver tremendous value to both consumers and the transportation industry.  As part of the larger intelligent transportation ecosystem changes, connected vehicle applications provide connectivity between and among vehicles, infrastructure, and wireless devices. This, in turn, can to assist in preventing crashes, easing traffic congestion and delivering new and exciting applications directly to the vehicle….

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ATIS Advances ICT Industry Cybersecurity With Publication of Two New Resources

WASHINGTON — July 18, 2017 —  ATIS today announced publication of two major industry resources to secure critical network infrastructure against growing and evolving cyber threats: (1) Cybersecurity Architectural Risk Analysis Process (ATIS-I-0000057); and (2) Securing Internet of Things (IoT) Services Involving Network Operators (ATIS-I-0000056). Proactive mitigation steps to address cybersecurity attacks are addressed in the Cybersecurity Architectural Risk Analysis Process, in addition to procedures to determine security…

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The App-ID Registry: Securing the Internet of Things

App-ID Registry: Securing the Internet of Things (IoT)

The number of connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices continues to grow rapidly, driven by an increasing range of use cases and business models combined with declining device costs.  Cisco[1] predicts upwards of 14 billion connected IoT[2] devices by 2021, while according to the most recent Ericsson Mobility Report[3], the number will reach 18 billion by 2022.  This growth rate…

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