Fall 2017

  • Bringing the automotive and ICT industries together to secure connected vehicles against cyber intrusion.
  • Introducing ATIS OS-IoT, a new open source software library that simplifies the implementation of oneM2M support in IoT devices
  • Putting caller authentication standards to the test to advance industry and FCC robocalling-mitigation goals.
  • Speeding the evolution to an artificial intelligence-enabled network.
  • Leveraging the availability of contextual information in the IoT to support context-aware identity management.

Summer 2017

  • Smart Cities Technology Roadmap released
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and their critical role in communications’ operational and infrastructure aspects
  • Cybersecurity issues in Connected Vehicles
  • Mitigating the impact of robocalling and caller ID fraud

Spring 2017

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Summer 2016

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