Fall 2018

Learn how ATIS is:

  • Leveraging artificial intelligence to advance ICT industry objectives
  • Taking a leadership role in mitigating unwanted robocalling by serving as the Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority
  • Delivering insight on 3GPP work to enable support for UAVs
  • Collaborating with vertical industries, including the automobile industry on connected car cybersecurity and with U.S. Ignite to accelerate and streamline Smart Cities data sharing
  • Advancing Wireless Emergency Alert standards

Summer 2018

  • Robocalling. ATIS’ being selected as the Governance Authority for the industry-led effort for the timely deployment of the SHAKEN/STIR protocol, a lead priority in industry efforts to mitigate the robocalling problem.
  • Distributed Ledger/Blockchain. Leveraging distributed ledger/blockchain
    technology for ICT industry applications.
  • Connected Vehicle Cybersecurity. Bringing ICT industry insight to reducing the threat of cybersecurity breaches in a new world of vehicles connected through the telecommunications network.
  • AI. Helping service providers leverage advances in artificial intelligence to advance industry transformation

Winter 2018

  • Smart Cities Data Sharing Framework. Providing recommendations to help cities of all sizes develop the robust data sharing ecosystem needed to deliver value from their Smart Cities data.
  • Robocalling. Serving a key role in the FCC Caller Authentication and Trust Anchor Working Group. We are also involving a growing number of companies in interoperability testing for the SHAKEN protocol.
  • Open Source Solutions. Delivering security enhancements that help IoT app developers more easily connect their products to the open, interoperable oneM2M ecosystem.
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA). Enhancing WEA capabilities to improve the accuracy with which emergency managers can geographically target the delivery of WEA Messages.
  • Number Portability. Helping to remove the barriers to nationwide number portability.

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