Improving Network Timing in Financial Institutions: Regulatory Imperative or Opportunity to Achieve Operational Excellence?

WASHINGTON — Nov. 18, 2016 — Network timing issues are becoming increasingly important to financial trading institutions. Regulators globally are increasing their focus on the issues of secure, precision time synchronization for financial transactions. The European Union’s MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) will likely impact precision time stamping in the U.S. The latest ATIS Interview provides insight into the importance of network timing in financial institutions. Kamatchi Gopalakrishnan, Distinguished Engineer and Synchronization Architect, Juniper Networks is featured. Make sure you know about the timing changes taking place and their impact. Read the full interview.

The Time and Money Workshop brings together not only finance and trading software specialists, but also telecom experts to discuss the leading issues surrounding network timing in financial institutions — thus giving the financial community unique access to the professionals managing time for the entire network. The event is closely coupled with the world’s longest-running timing and synchronization workshop, the NIST-ATIS Workshop on Synchronization in Timing Systems.

The event covers: Increasing Resilience for Positioning, Navigation and Timing by Bob Kolasky, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Infrastructure Protection, Department of Homeland Security; What GPS Time Reliability and Traceability Mean for Financial Markets; How the U.S., Europe and Asia Address Timing; Timing as a Service; and Speed and Latency in U.S. Equity Markets by Austin Gerig, Assistant Director – Office of Research and Data Services, Division of Economic and Risk Analysis, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; and much more. View the full agenda.

The Time and Money Workshop is made possible by these sponsors: Juniper; Meinberg; Metamako; Microsemi; Oscilloquartz, an ADVA Optical Networking Company; Spectracom; and Windstream.

Register for the Time and Money Workshop: January 25, 2017, New York Stock Exchange, 11 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005