Full Agenda for the NIST-ATIS Workshop on Sync and Timing Systems Now Available

ATIS today published the full agenda for the NIST-ATIS Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems (WSTS). From the fundamentals of sync and clock metrics to in-depth coverage of the field’s hottest topics, WSTS has it all!

The event brings together the leading corporate and government experts to shine light on the varying needs for time, including what is really needed for sync in 5G; timing solutions; time measurement and validation; the latest experiences from the field; and more. You’ll leave this vendor-neutral technology workshop knowing how innovation is affecting evolving sync requirements. You’ll get up to speed on the roll-out of new sync systems and standards as well as their impact on industries and equipment manufacturers.

Register today! Attend to learn why WSTS is called “North America’s Premier Timing and Sync Event.”