UAVs for Restoring Communications in Emergency Situations

If you have ever experienced a natural disaster (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, wildfire, etc.), you are well aware of the importance of communications during this time.  A functioning communication network is essential to coordinating emergency and recovery operations, rebuilding infrastructure as well as allowing the public to contact rescue services, family and friends. Following a disaster, disruption to the communications network…

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Putting the oneM2M Standard into Action: ATIS OS-IoT Software

Machine-to-machine (M2M) services are now present in almost every area of social and economic activity. From personal fitness to city-wide environmental monitoring, data is being collected, processed and summarized to support smart services. With this explosion comes important challenges such as ensuring the reliability, maintainability, scaling and security of these innovations. To provide a platform to address these areas, the…

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Better Wireless Coverage in Public Spaces, Advancing the 5G Future — ATIS’ Neutral Host Solution

Although each of us as cellphone users takes it for granted every day, providing cellular coverage in large, publicly managed spaces is a great challenge.  In the places where we gather most — office buildings, multi-tenant apartments or condos, shopping malls and stadiums — all major providers must typically deploy their own small cells dedicated to their own customers in…

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