ATIS Delivers “Neutral Host” Solutions to Improve Multi-Operator Wireless Coverage In High-Density Areas

WASHINGTON — Oct. 18, 2016 — ATIS today announced the release of Neutral Host Solutions for Multi-Operator Wireless Coverage in Managed Spaces, a report that advances solutions for the economic deployment of small cells to provide uniform licensed cellular coverage in enterprises and other community spaces. The report helps carriers work together through a “neutral host” to deliver improved wireless coverage in places like hotels, shopping malls, and large public gatherings such as music festivals and major sporting events. It offers neutral host providers and solution vendors a reference to understand the technical options available to implement these solutions as well as the options available.

Typically within a managed space today, different wireless providers must each deploy small cells dedicated to their own customers. Small cells from each are needed, creating complex and costly parallel infrastructures. ATIS’ approach sets forth solutions for installing a common infrastructure which is shared between multiple hosted client operators.

“Not only is ATIS delivering solutions for how carriers can work together to potentially reduce costs, but our latest report also shows how strong service level agreements between the neutral host and hosted operator client networks will help ensure high-quality and better-managed public connectivity in public settings,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller.

Neutral Host Solutions for Multi-Operator Wireless Coverage in Managed Spaces is available at no charge in the ATIS White Paper Center, a leading collection of resources for ICT industry solutions, innovation and issues analysis. Note that this report was updated in 2019.